The Book of UJU

The Great Apsotacy!


No greater sermon than the Lord’s!

A message from Uju a servant of Christ Jesus by the grace of God through Christ Jesus, according to the word in the scripture,

2. To the WORLD; glory and honor be unto LORD God Almighty and Christ Jesus our Lord savior forever and ever. Amen.

3. According to Amos 7.14-15:

“Then Amos answered Amaziah, I am no prophet, nor a prophet’s son; but I am a herdsman, and a dresser of sycamore trees, and the LORD took me from following the flock, and the LORD said to me, “Go prophesy to my people Israel.”

4. So am I, Uju, a worker of art by trade; the word of God, the Spirit of God, in the name of Christ Jesus appeared to me in a flame of fire from the scripture; and I immediately prophesied saying, “Repent for the kingdom of God is at hand” to people of the world.

5. I am no pastor, evangelist, prophet nor an apostle, but by the grace and mercy of God the father of Christ Jesus, I am writing this message to the WORLD according to the scripture.



1. It is no news that Jesus Christ is the Lord to Christendom, since they claim to worship God through Christ Jesus; and as such front themselves as Christians – followers of Jesus Christ? From every understanding this is just a mere believe, because even the demons believe in God, and shudder. James 2:19 stated,

“You believe that God is one; you do well. Even the demons believe and shudder.”

2. By this truth, it takes more than mere believe to be called a child of God, how much more to be seen as a Christian.

3. A Christian by mere believe is no more than a demon if he fails to do the word of God through Christ Jesus. For if you claim to be a Christian and do not obey the word of God, you are a demon; demons believe there is God, but do not obey him. Demons do not obey God, but Satan. For if you do not obey God, obviously you are obeying Satan.

4. Therefore, of all the acclaimed Christians who do not obey God or do his will are demons: you cannot serve two masters at the same time.

5. The scripture says in Rm. 2:13,

“For it is not the hearers of the law who are righteous before God. But the doers of the law who will be justified.” 

6. It takes the doer of the law to Love God through Jesus Christ by the power of the Holy Spirit. Of all who love God keep the commandment of Jesus Christ. For this the Lord stated in John 14:15,

“If you love me, you will keep my commandments.”

7. But, how many Christians love Jesus Christ?

8. How many Christians are doers of the law?

9. How many Christians are obeying the will of God through Christ Jesus?

10. How many Christians are like Jesus Christ?

11. The answer is none! Yes none!!

12. None of the so-called Christians are like Jesus Christ.

13. All are false Christians; none is righteous! This is as written in Rm. 3:10-18,

“None is righteous, no, not one; no one understands, no one seeks God. All have turned aside, together they have gone wrong; no one does good, not even one.”

“Their throat is an open grave, they use their tongues to deceive.” “The venom of asps is under their lips.” “Their mouth is full of curses and bitterness.”

“Their feet are swift to shed blood, in their paths are ruin and misery, and the way of peace they do not know.” “There is no fear of God before their eyes.”

14. Do you see the fruits of the so-called Christians?

15. How much more their leadership – the acclaimed GOs, bishops, senior pastors, pastors, reverends, prophets, prophetesses, evangelists, apostles, ………etc. Wolves in sheep clothing; hypocrites.

16. You see them, the Lord will deny them saying, “I never knew you.” Matt. 7:21-23.

The Delusion!

17. Followers of every religion are known by name or are associated by name or name-calling. For example: Muslims are followers of Mohammed by Islam; Christians are followers of Jesus Christ by Christianity; Jews are followers of Moses by Judaism……etc.

18. Does it imply that every follower is true to the claims? No! Truly, overwhelming majority are fake or very few of these so-called religious followers are real.

19. By accident of birth, you could be a Muslim, a Christian or a Jew. Then by conversion, you could equally be so. Some do not belong to any religious group; some do not even believe in the existence of God, or gods.

20. By these religious labels oppositions are borne setting the stage of perpetual antagonism. Therefore, if you are not one of a kind, you are an enemy. If you are of a kind, you are a brother.

21. The irony in these claims is that brother kills brother – an in-fighting of a high magnitude is prevalent due to dissension within a kind.

22. A very good example of religious cannibalism is Christian religion.

23. Christian religion has a lot of religious faiths or divisions by varying and antagonistic beliefs giving rise to numerous religious establishments in Christian religion. The hatred borne out of these faceoff religious groups within Christendom is unprecedented.

24. Undeniably, religion is the foundation of human civilization! Tracing the birth of human civilization by religion to the fall of man, the anchor of man’s way of life is shaped by beliefs inherent in religion.

25. This glaring truth is marked by human leadership of dual identity – as a religious and state leader: a priestly kingship. It wields the powers of religion and the state together to lord it over his subjects.

26. But in modern time, the separation of these weighty powers is put to practice to avoid conflicts due to increasing understanding of human nature. The state warred and overcame the powers of religion, and thus has controlling powers over it. But by reason of conscience the state pays allegiance to religious leadership in matters concerning faith, mostly on individual bases.

27. This phenomenon is practiced by nations who hold Christians’ ideology mainly the West, and democratically minded nations. These nations as a result do not any longer see religion as civilization. Therefore, religious beliefs do not have any influence on their wellbeing. To them religion is no more arbiter of truth and no longer civilization.

28. On the other hand, few nations of the world still believe that religion is civilization, more especially Islamic nations. They still wield the powers of religion and state together to lead their people and try to adhere strictly to the belief or faith.

29. These differing understanding has come to pit one against another. It became a confraternity. Religious phobia becomes the order of the day.

30. It is true religion has brought belligerent divisions right from time past, but the present situation is at alarming and deadly rate such that it transverses the political, economic and social spaces among races, and ultimately created unparallel hatred.

31. People on this aggressive divide believe and act in a manner very harmful to one another resulting to each wearing the cloak of morbid craving to exterminate oppositions from the surface of the earth.

32. But the dilemma is delusive because of wrong beliefs. It is a complete delusion brought about by lack of genuine love. The intolerance brought about by different religious beliefs has divided the world into war zones with a belief system that ruins the consciences of many.

33. The acclaimed Christian religion is hosted by many nations of Western origin brought about by purported modern human civilization with advanced technological might that threatens those people and nations and races that act in opposition to them. Even though these perceived Christian Western states or nations are not truly Christians by Godly practice, they nations that have opposite belief see them all as Christians whether they are real or fake. The same is applicable to the so-called Christian nations to opposite religious groups. This therefore gives birth to perpetual deadly conflicts.

34. The perpetual deadly conflicts are origins of those nations that believe in Abraham as their father of faith, namely: Jews, Christians and Muslims.

35. If truly they are the descendants of Abraham by faith, why do they want to kill one another?

36. Is this not cannibalism? Yes, it is a religious cannibalism!

37. Even among distinctive Abrahamic faiths are opposing divisions, but they seem to unite in conflicts, one opposing faith to another; and in “peace” they are warlords to themselves. This is incredible!

38. The perpetual conflicts among these nations of Abrahamic faith are rooted in individual falling away that leads to collective apostasy.

39. On assumption that the stem that bears the branches that give these fruits is real, the tap root is decayed, and therefore the tree will obviously fall because of the great apostasy.

40. The great apostasy is more inherent in Christian religion than other religious affiliations!

41. Our primary concern is therefore Christian religion since they are the epicenter of the great apostasy in the present world.

The Origin of the Great Apostasy in Christian Religion

I have always said that God has no religion!

1. Religion is made by man. It is man that formed religion as a channel to relate and reach out to a perceived deity and institutionalized it. And it became to him as a practice called religion. But God is the only living deity.

2. In the beginning God created man in His own image: the book of Gen 1.26, 27 stated:

“Then God said, let us make man in our image, after our likeness; and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the birds of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping things that creeps upon the earth”. “So, God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them”

3. The image of God is love; for God is love, and love is God: 1 John 4.7,8.

4. The relationship created by God to man is love; for God is love, and love is God.

5. And God expected man to reciprocate the same love to Him, but instead, man went and formed religion.

6. Religion is not love, and love is not religion.

7. God allowed the religion formed by man out of love, to enable man be as he desires. The scripture says that whatever man agrees among themselves on earth so it is in heaven – Matt 18.18-20.

8. Note, God has His own standard for man to follow in order to relate with Him. That standard is irrespective of the religion of man; for God is no respecter of any man, but honors any man who keeps His standard regardless of religion. Acts 10.34, 35 reiterated:

“And Peter opened his mouth and said: Truly I perceive that God shows no partiality, but in every nation anyone who fears him and does what is right is acceptable to him.” 

9. In every nation, could also be in every religion, anyone who fears God and keeps to His standard is acceptable to Him; this means that God has no religion. The religion of God is love!

10. According to some estimates, there are roughly 4,200 religions, churches, denominations, religious bodies, faith groups, tribes, cultures, movements, ultimate concerns, etc.

11. The practice of a religion may also include sermons, commemoration of the activities of a god or gods, sacrifices, festivals, feasts, trance, rituals, rites, ceremonies, worship, initiations, funerals, marriages, meditation, invocation, mediumship, music, art, dance, public service, or other aspects of human culture.

12. Remember, all religions of man are admissible to God, but for His standard, which is obedience to the Word. John 1.1, said:

“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.”

13. In the beginning, the whole earth had one language and few words: Gen 11.1; and probably one religion! They are one people and have all one language – says the LORD in Gen 11.6.

14. The unity of language leading to unity of culture and religion as to one tongue gave man the strength to unite against God, as demonstrated in the building of the Towel of Babel, in the city of Babel, because there the LORD confused the language of all the earth, that they may not understand one another’s speech: Gen 11.1-9.

15. The activity of God in the city of Babel led to the creation of different languages (tongues), which gave rise to different cultures and religions. As a result, man was not any longer one people, but different peoples.

“So, the LORD scattered them abroad from there over the face of the all the earth, and they left off building the city.” Gen 11. 8.

16. It is evident that the spread of mankind over the face of all the earth was an act of God. The differences in peoples, tongues, and cultures are the act of God. These peoples also formed different religions.

17. The differences in peoples, tongues, and cultures gave rise to races, but not as to color; it also gave rise to different religions.

18. Christian religion, wow!

19. The name, Christians was mockingly used to label people who wanted to be like Jesus Christ, after his death and resurrection. And this was first in a city called Antioch, about 300 miles to Jerusalem. In defiance of the mockery, the people claimed the name; and the name stuck and stuck forever! As a result, this allegedly shameful name left a trail of followers, both fake and real to this day!

20. Jesus Christ never founded any religion, be it Christian religion or any other religions of mankind. Jesus Christ never opposes any religion but accepts anyone who genuinely loves him by keeping to his words: John 14.20,21. This was the disposition of the then Christians: genuine lovers of Christ.

21. The adopted name Christians (Christ-like) in the real sense of purpose and intent should be truly for the genuine worshippers of Christ Jesus, but in this day, it is not! The religion formed in line with the name Christians called Christian Religion as of today was formed not by the true followers of Jesus Christ in spirit and truth. Christianity is not conceived to be a religion but a spiritual way of life to salvation.

22. Christian religion as of today was formed by people whose hearts are far from worshipping God in spirit and truth. The Christ-like nature of the then Christians was totally lost: an apostasy!

23. The worshippers of God in spirit and truth do not have any religion: this is because they do so in their hearts which is their spirit, and such God seeks to worship Him as written in John 4.23:

“But the hour is coming, and now is, when the true worshippers will worship the Father in spirit and truth, for such the Father seeks to worship him.”

24. These true worshippers of God do not have any religion, as stated in John 4.21:

“Woman, believe me, the hour is coming when neither on this mountain nor in Jerusalem will you worship the Father.”

25. As a religious practice, Jews used to go to Jerusalem to worship God, and the Samarians go to the mountain to worship God (John 4.20). This is so to this day, man has continued to form different types of religion believing that they are truly worshipping God: this is pure fallacy!

26. This is pure fallacy as acknowledged by Jesus Christ in John 4.24:

“God is spirit, and those who worship him must worship in spirit and truth.”

27. From the above understanding, it is evident that Christianity as a religion is of no avail in the true worship of God. All religions, be it Christianity or others, are equal before God.

28. Therefore, the so-called Christian Religion, which I called Christendom, is never a religion of choice by God; for God has no religion! Christendom is the rebellious city called Babylon: Rev 18.1-24.

29. Christendom could equally be referred to as the City of Babel in Gen 11.1-9; because in them are diverse religious peoples, tongues, and cultures opposed to the true worship of God: Rev 18.2-4.

“Fallen, fallen is Babylon the great! It has become a dwelling place of demons, a haunt of every foul spirit, a haunt of every foul spirit and hateful bird; for all nations have drunk the wine of her impure impassion, and the kings of the earth have committed fornication with her, and the merchants of the earth have grown rich with the wealth of her wantonness.”

30. As a result of the judgment of Christendom – Babylon the great, God is urging all true worshippers of Him to come out of her as stated in Rev 18.4,5:

“Come out of her, my people, lest you take part in her sins, lest you share in her Plagues; for her sins are heaped high as heaven, and God has remembered her Iniquities.”

31. Christian religion from its origin is an apostate religion: Babylon the great!

Great Apostasy in Christian Religion Today


There is a great falling away today from faith in Christ Jesus by the so-called Christians, more especially the leadership – GOs, bishops, reverends, senior pastors, pastors, prophets, prophetesses, evangelists, apostles…………. etc.

1. These apostate ministers of Christian religion are founders and owners of synagogues of Satan, called Christian churches.

2. These daredevils of the gospel of the Lord came to limelight with the gospel but fell to the temptation of the evil one, Satan, succumbing to worldliness. They are swept away by licentiousness, mammon, celebrity fever, public validation, lust of the flesh, lust of the eye, pride of the heart, worldly love, greed, jealousy, and dishonorable passions.

3. These so-called Christians and the leadership—GOs, bishops, reverends, senior pastors, pastors, prophets, prophetesses, evangelists, apostles, etc.—are filled with all manner of wickedness, evil, covetousness, malice. Full of envy, murder, strife, deceit, malignity, they are gossips, slanderers, haters of God, insolent, haughty, boastful, inventors of evil, disobedient to parents, foolish, faithless, heartless, ruthless. Though they know God’s decree that those who do such things deserve to die, they not only do them but approve those who practice them. Rm 1:29-32.

4. Don’t fret; their judgment is not laying idle in the hand of the Lord.

5. Our Lord Jesus Christ, at the very beginning of his ministry(message), immediately after the forty days and forty nights fasting, was tempted by Satan in a similar circumstance that befell the so-called Christians and the leadership—GOs, bishops, reverends, senior pastors, pastors, prophets, prophetesses, evangelists, apostles, etc.

6. The temptation of the Lord by Satan, in this situation, came by the choice of:

  • Bread – Materialism; Matt. 4:3.
  • Ungodly wisdom – Matt. 4:6.
  • Worship of Mammon – Matt. 4:8

7. Comparatively, it was the same circumstantial temptation of Satan to Eve that led to the fall of man, as witnessed in Gen 3:6, where the fruit was;

  • Good for food – Bread; materialism
  • Delight to the eyes – Worship of Mammon
  • Desired to make one wise – Ungodly wisdom

8. Testing by the LORD God Almighty and the temptation of Satan synchronize to make or mar every believer of the Lord, especially those desiring to become ministers of Christ Jesus on a significant level; and this must be. Yes, every time and in every circumstance until the devil is defeated, and he will flee from you. For the scripture says, resist Satan, and he will flee from you.

9. Incredibly, the same circumstantial temptation of Satan is facing every so-called Christian, and more especially their GOs, bishops, reverends, senior pastors, pastors, prophets, prophetesses, evangelists, apostles, etc.

10. Unfortunately, these Christian religious GOs, bishops, reverends, senior pastors, pastors, prophets, prophetesses, evangelists, apostles, etc., failed headlong to the same circumstantial temptation of Satan as Christ Jesus.

11. The temptation of the Lord by Satan, in this situation, came by the choice of:

  • Bread – Materialism; Matt. 4:3.
  • Ungodly wisdom – Matt. 4:6
  • Worship of Mammon – Matt. 4:8

12. These apostate Christian religious GOs, bishops, reverends, senior pastors, pastors, prophets, prophetesses, evangelists, apostles… etc., are carried away by the offer of bread (materialism) by Satan and fell away from their vows to the Lord.

13. In the limelight of their ministry, they became overfed with materialism by Satan, preaching the gospel of the stomach: prosperity gospel and breakthroughs.

14. These hypocrites – apostate Christian religious GOs, bishops, reverends, senior pastors, pastors, prophets, prophetesses, evangelists, apostles… etc., are turning every stone to bread.

15. They succumb to ungodly wisdom, heeding to the temptation of Satan by tempting God as stated in Matt. 4:6-7, by the fellowship of hypocritical sonship.

16. They also gave in to the worship of mammon by the temptation of Satan as indicated in Matt. 4:8-10.

17. These hypocrites – apostate Christian religious GOs, bishops, reverends, senior pastors, pastors, prophets, prophetesses, evangelists, apostles… etc., have absolutely played the harlot like Ohola and Oholiba – Ezekiel 23.

18. The cause of the great falling away – the great apostasy by these hypocrites – apostate Christian religious GOs, bishops, reverends, senior pastors, pastors, prophets, prophetesses, evangelists, apostles… etc., has led a host of their members and entire Christendom destined to perdition to early eternal destruction.

19. These wolves in sheep’s clothing have even succeeded in deceiving the very elect. If not for the mercy of the Lord, none would be saved, given the heightened wickedness of these apostate Christian religious GOs, bishops, reverends, senior pastors, pastors, prophets, prophetesses, evangelists, apostles… etc.

20. They have caused the present generation in the Christendom to worship the beast and bear the name and number of the beast on their arms and foreheads, as prophesied in Rev. 13:16-17.


21. This is the word of the LORD God to Ezekiel as stated thus in Ez.23:1-49 concerning the apostasy of the supposedly children of God to this day.

22. According to Ez.23:1-4, the word of the LORD God came to Ezekiel saying,

“Son of man, there were two women, the daughters of one mother; they played the harlot in Egypt; they played the harlot in their youth; there their breasts were pressed and their virgin bosoms handled. Oholah was the name of the elder and Oholibah the name of her sister. They became mine, and they bore sons and daughters. As for their names, Oholah is Samaria, and Oholibah is Jerusalem.” 

23. The word of LORD God to Ezekiel said further in Ez.23:5-6,

“Oholah played the harlot while she was mine; and she doted on her lovers the Assyrians, warriors clothed in purple, governors and commanders, all of them desirable young men, horsemen riding on horses.”

“Therefore, I delivered her into the hands of her lovers, into the hands of Assyrians whom she doted. These uncovered her nakedness; they seized her sons and her daughters; and she became a byword among women, when her judgment had been executed upon her.” Ez.23:9

24. In Ez.23:11-12, word of God said,

“Her sister Oholibah saw this yet she was more corrupt than she in her doting and in her harlotry, which was worse than that of sister. She doted on her lovers the Assyrians, warriors clothed in purple, governors and commanders, warriors clothed in full armor, horsemen riding on horses, all of them desirable young men.”

25. To this day, is Oholah not Judaism – Jewish worship by the law of Moses?

26. To this day, is Oholibah not Christian Religion – False worship of God through Jesus Christ?

27. Yes, they are: Oholah – Judaism; Oholibah – Christian Religion.

28. They have greatly fallen away from their vows to the Lord; they have committed a great apostasy.

29. Awaiting them, therefore, is the wrath and furious judgment of the Lord.

30. It is my sincere desire and prayer to the Lord to have mercy on them and save his elect: the children of salvation. Amen! Amen!! Amen!!!

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